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Inhalation Exposure Systems




The Jaeger-NYU Nose-Only Directed-Flow Inhalation Exposure System is a modular system for nose-only exposure of rodent species such as mice, hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs.


The modular exposure unit consists of stackable exposure tiers plus top and bottom sections or plates for introduction and exhaust of test article. Depending on the specific model, a single tier has 12, 16 or 18 exposure ports which can be used for exposing up animals or sampling of test atmosphere. Each tier is made of an inner plenum and an outer plenum that are connected to each other through rectangular trumpets (tubes) and connector cones. The plenums are available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel. All other parts (except O-ring seals) are constructed of Stainless Steel.


Fresh test atmosphere is provided to each animal from the inner plenum and exhausted into the space between the inner and the outer plenum.  The test aerosol, gas, or vapor that flows through the inner plenum is distributed uniformly to each exposure port through the trumpets.

 NOIES is equipped with a bottom inlet section (plate) and a top exhaust section. Both sections are designed to connect easily to other equipment through air-tight swivels and plates (flanges). Validation tests performed by various research groups have consistently confirmed the homogeneity of the aerosol distribution in the chamber.


The system may be operated under slight positive or negative pressure, depending on the type of test articles and restraining tubes being used. If vented tubes are used, the chamber is operated at a slightly positive pressure (i.e., the inlet flow should slightly exceed the exhaust flow) to assure that the test atmosphere is not diluted by air entering the animal containment tube. If sealed animal containment tubes are used, an exhaust flow slightly higher than the inlet flow of the chamber assures no escape of test article from the exposure unit. When the system is run with sealed animal containment tubes, the exhaust section is equipped with an air inlet (small cartridge filter) in order to make up for the flow difference between inlet and exhaust.


The exposure tower sits on a rotating table that allows easy access to all nose ports. Aerosol generators may be located below the exposure tower. The system is reversible and can be operated in Up or Down Flow modes.




View of a Complete Nose-Only Exposure Tower


Each Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure System comes with wire supports for the animal holders and a maintenance kit that includes specially designed tools for the assembly and disassembly of the tower, plugs for all the available exposure ports and spare O-rings.


Three models of Nose-Only Directed-Flow Inhalation Exposure System are available:


12-port NOIES

16-port NOIES

18-port NOIES

Additional Inhalation Exposure Systems designed for Special applications:



- Highly Toxic Agent System

- 5 - Port Block

- Vaccine Unit

- Rabbit Exposure System


- 6 Chamber Unit

- NYU Mice Chamber Unit


Operational Procedures


Instructions for operation and maintenance of Nose-Only Directed-Flow Inhalation Exposure Systems 


A slideshow of Complete Instructions for cleaning and assembly